Long Island City Sightseeing Corridor

LIC Sightseeing Corridor

You don’t even need to pay a cent to enjoy one of the most beautiful night views for Manhattan from Long Island City Sightseeing Corridor. Strolling on the corridor, you can see tons of neighbors walk their adorable pets over there and kids play around with laughter. The fresh wind brings you a good mood in the morning and blows away your exhaustion during the night. Most importantly, it takes you only 3 minutes to get to Manhattan by taking NYC ferry to switch you between prosperity and peace. This is a great place to let romance happen.  Thousands of lights shining during the night and you would find a beam of light from the opposite bank shining just for you!

Click here to check the NYC Ferry Routes & Schedules via Long Island City Sightseeing Corridor.

Tips: Bring your camera and stay warm during the night visit.

Open: All year

Location: Long Island City, 11109


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